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Stye Treatment

Consultation Form

June 23, 2017 6:21pm Status: The Doctor will review your stye today! The average time to get results is about 2 hours. The online consultation is $50. The form takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Call our office with any questions: 201-696-2646 or

What will I get out of an online consultation with Dr. Landmann?

  • An eye surgeon who specializes in eyelids will see you.
  • You’ll have peace-of-mind, as he will assess if your problem is just a stye or if it is pink eye, conjunctivitis or even something more serious like an infection or eyelid cancer.
  • Proper guidance – If you have a serious condition, Dr. Landmann will tell you if you need to emergently go to a doctor’s office in person. If it is something less serious, Dr. Landmann can tell you how you can treat it yourself at home..
  • Accurate information on how to manage a stye – So much information online is inaccurate, confusing and contradictory..
  • Convenience – You can stay at work and eliminate the need for getting to the doctor..
  • Your eyes won’t be dilated, so your vision won’t be affected for the rest of the day and you can keep on working and reading..
  • You’ll get the results soon – usually within the next few hours..
  • You’ll get access to detailed, high quality education about your medical condition, which you can review later in case you forget.
  • If you need a prescription, one can be sent electronically to your pharmacy instantly!