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Various medicines can soothe your eye from the pain of a stye

We know having a stye is no walk in the park. They can cause painful eyelids, cause your eye to redden, or can even swell to the point they start to affect your vision. Luckily there are various ointments that can be used to help erase the pain.

When a stye gets to the point where the eye itself is starting to show signs of discomfort, gel lubricating eye drops are a great choice. The hydration they provide can offer instant, though temporary, relief from the itching and dryness you feel.

Stye Drops & Ointments

If your stye is really red and swollen, you might need a prescription antibiotic drop. Doctor Landmann can prescribe antibiotic drops or ointment which help clear the infection much faster. Also, a steroid is sometimes used, which treats the stye inflammation.

Dr. Landmann has established a page of stye relief products that can help take care of a stye and get you back to your normal self. But if you want an expert eyelid surgeon to look at your stye in the next few hours and call in a prescription antibiotic drop, then contact Dr. Landmann for a consultation right now! It only takes about 5 – 10 minutes.